Oh Hey

I’m Liz. Welcome to my  p e r s o n a l ✧ webpage. This site showcases some of my best work from the past & present. Feel free to roam around and learn what I’m about! 

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My Resume

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The Logo

I’m sitting in my Geology 101 lecture. I begin to doodle small images all over my notebook, dedicating whatever attention I had left to my newfound creations. I typically go for hearts but today I opted for lightning bolts. They covered my page adding interest to my mundane notes about cleavage which, believe me, is not as exciting as you think. I drew little ones and big ones; bolts that could strike down a tree followed by a house-shaking boom and bolts that silently flash across the sky in the heat of summer. In the midst of my scribbling, I realized how closely my designs resembled the letters that compose my name. After a little trial and error, I had finally found it: a new image composed of the three individual letters that give name to my entire existence interconnected in the shape of one of my favorite doodles.

And thus, my logo was born.

Always stay up to date on my latest Tweets. I occasionally post about the latest Disney+ streaming additions, my UNC involvement, & whatever fact I just learned that should be common knowledge. 

Sharing snapshots of my life for anyone who cares to follow. I love posting outfits that make me feel good, my live entertainment experiences, & the lovely people that make life so fun. 

A more professional peek into my academic endeavors. My profile is an extension of my resumé which includes all of my pertinent experience, skill sets, and courses completed during my college career.

Research Methods
Branding Strategies
Time Management
Eagerness to Learn (。◕‿◕。)