Giving Meaning

Giving Meaning

By Liz Hornick

One of the biggest things that you and anyone else should know about me is that I’m a Type 7. What does that have to do with anything you ask? Everything.

I was seated in my usual unassigned assigned seat in my last class of the day, The Branding of Me. Throughout the semester, our teacher Gary Kayye has enticed us to dig deep and learn all the in’s and out’s of ourselves. At face value this seems like a relatively easy undertaking, but when is the last time you really sat down and thought about yourself? Your likes and dislikes, the past events that have shaped you, your future aspirations, the unique characteristics of your personality. For me, thinking about the inner workings of myself is something that I struggle with. Luckily, trusted psychologists have developed different tests to help an individual assess their personality and put many of the “hard to describe” aspects of ourselves into words. Some of these include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Birkman MethodWalter Clark’s “DiSK”, and the Enneagram Personality Test.

The Enneagram Personality Test (EPT) was developed over time by multiple people, each adding different aspects to the test to shape it into what we know it as today. The nine-pointed diagram that defines the ETP today has been used for centuries with roots in ancient Christian and Sufi traditions. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that it was reintroduced to the modern world, and in the 1970s it became the personality diagram we know today.


Enneagram Personality Types


The test consists of 105 questions in which the user responds to each statement on a scale ranging from accurate to inaccurate. This personality test is based on the Enneagram personality theory, which describes personality in terms of nine types, each driven by their own set of core emotions, fears, and beliefs.

I’m a Type 7. This type is known as the optimist; often extroverted, playful, and spontaneous, this type is also described as over-extended, scattered, and undisciplined. While I don’t believe this test, or any test for that matter, can be 100% accurate, I do think there’s a lot I can learn from these results. I know that I like to keep busy but I’ve learned that that can also be my downfall. Often over extending myself, I’m still in the midst of learning to schedule myself time for rest. I know that I don’t like to have any anxious feelings, but I’ve learned that type 7’s are known to act on impulse rather than dealing with any anxious feelings.

This newfound blog is about me, my thoughts, my perceptions, and any other feature that makes me who I am. I am a Type 7 and I’m ready to teach others about me while simultaneously learning about myself. Let’s do this.

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