Design, copy & research… oh my!


The Great Debate


Once Upon a Swipe


Can’t Spell Evolution Without Lenovo

Business Proposal

News Lab- Spring 2020

Vaping Marketing Strategies

Digital Storytelling- Fall 2020

Live Entertainment Market Research

Ad/PR Research- Fall 2020


This interview accompanies my research on the marketing strategies used by different vaping companies. Everything was filmed on my iPhone and edited together using Adobe’s Premiere Pro. Check out my video series linked below to see more of my work with Premiere.


I like creating something from nothing. From choosing colors, fonts and designing logos, I enjoy building a brand from the ground up. These are a few examples of the logos I have designed so far to give life to different entities.

  1. Personal brand- logo composed of letters from my name in my own hand writing
  2. On the Other. is my own secondhand shop hosted on instagram (@ontheother.secondhand)
  3. Carolina Jump Rope- vintage inspired logo redesign
  4. UNC Communication Department- logo is designed after philosopher Foucault’s panopticon