The Problem

Unlike their competitors, Lenovo is not the next big thing and they’re not secretive and slow to market. Lenovo is building products for the hectic, crazy ever-changing world that we all live in today. Products for right now. Products that we need to be brought to market as quickly as we need them.


Creativity can’t be forced, it’s something that comes to you naturally. For me, most of my best creative ideas happen in my dreams. After working on the Lenovo campaign with no success, I called a quits for the night. As soon as I woke up the next morning I had the perfect tagline for the brief in my head so took that and ran with it.


The Solution

You Can’t Spell Evolution Without Lenovo. With technology that’s constantly adapting to stay ahead of its time, this tagline just made sense. Adopting a dictionary/textbook graphic design, these deliverables draw attention because of their familiarity and keep the viewer’s interest with the tech images themselves. The majority of Lenovo’s market just wants simplicity, and that’s what this campaign brings. 

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