The Problem

How might we get 18-19 year olds to download Tinder and consider the app as their go-to platform?


Everyone knows that Tinder is used for dating, but what they don’t consider is all of the other possible relationships that can be formed on the app. By shifting the brand perception and showing that Tinder can be used for other things, emerging adults can see that they can rely on Tinder for a way to meet new people and have new experiences.


The Solution

New experiences begin with a single swipe. By taking the classic fairy tales young adults know and love, and giving them a modern twist, consumers can see that Tinder is more than a hook-up app, and the platform can be used for whatever they’re looking for. Keeping with the company’s already cheeky brand voice, Once Upon a Swipe uses humorous storytelling to attract young people to use the app for whatever their heart desires.

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